Welcome to our

“Ayurveda 9.o”

A Natural Approach to Better Health.

We are into the health care services for the last fifteen years emphasizing the importance of good health and bringing great health to the society and environment by being more natural and eco-friendly. We believe in the concept of Vedic healing scriptured roughly 5000 years back which are still proven worth effective and consistent throughout these years.

Holding my 18 years of Study, research, exposure and work experience, we started up with Dr Suganya’s Ayurveda 9.0. It’s an organization developed in the aim of promoting good health by meeting the health requirements of people in a safe, authentic and effective way as told in the classics of Ayurveda. Having great experiences with various Ayurvedic organizations like Kottakkal, National Panchakarma Institute – Kerala, NIA – Jaipur, Sanjeevanam, we are the team and Unit of the former Alwarpet Ayush now landing with our ancient scientific methodologies refereshed, refined and relentless .

We treat variegated disorders and difficulties ranging from mild fevers to major serious illnesses which do not require immediate surgical intervention or emergency care. We focus over the individual needs and requirements of each body type and give solutions suitable to their issues in the form of oral medications which are again taken the entire care and ensured safety preparation methods done in the most classical way without giving any side effects or complications. For this, we have chosen certain partners whose R & D is partly under our guidance and supervision which has greater standards and more purely ethical in the ways of preparation of drugs.

For people who do not suit mediations or where it is absolutely not essential, we strictly do not give medicines, and render services only to the external means in the type of oil bath, oil massages, oil filling and oil streaming treatments, and variegated fomentations (poultices) with herbal leaves and powders and dry powder therapies wherever necessary. We do bandaging and plastering which are special treatment modalities adopted in fracture healing and dislocations.

Beyond physical health and fitness, we are also concerned on the mental and emotional well being of the people where we understand the physical wellbeing is relied more on the mental and emotional health. Manasika chikitsa plays a vital role in Ayurveda where it’s done thorough Satvavijayaya chikitsa improvised psychotherapies, counselling and rehabilitation. Psychotherapies include external treatments and medicines intake based on the intensity and chronicity of the illness.

That’s why we at 9.0 insist the practice of calming down the mind through various means of meditation, yoga, pranayama. All our consultations are done with qualified expertise Ayurveda physicians and services and treatments attended by technical staff both men and women who are qualified, trained and certified for the same.