Client Testimonial

“Ayurveda 9.o”
A Natural Approach to Better Health.
We are into the health care services the last fourteen years emphasizing the importance of good health and bringing a great heath to the society and environment by being more natural and ecofriendly. We believe in the concept of vedic healing scriptured roughly 5000 years back which are still proven worth effective and consistent throughout these years.

Holding my 14 years of research ,study ,exposure and work experience , and a great clientele base we started up with Dr Suganya’s Ayurvedic Solutions. It’s an organization developed since 6 months in the aim of promoting good health by meeting the health requirements of people in a safe, authentic and effective way as told in the classics of Ayurveda.

Handling Obesity and Complications of obesity by extensive Weight Loss techniques using fourfold therapy and on the contrast Helping Underweight to undernourishment cases to regain healthy weight thus balancing their Weights to lead a healthy happy life.
Arthritis &
Gout Management
Pain, inflammation, tenderness, swelling of the joints including major joints like knees or ankle to smaller finger joints to toes which is naturally failing of the immune system, we promote immune boosters to support the system and keep the condition under management.
Our only objective is to create a healthy well being to the society by reaching globally.
The main part of this would be in creating awareness to the public about the human values and the real disciplines of day to day life which renders a complete healthy life overall in the means of physical, mental, social and emotional well  being through Ayurvedic contributions.